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Americas: Almond flour as an alternative to processed flours

Almond flour is gaining popularity among consumers as a nutritious and versatile alternative to wheat flour.

Food News International finds out more from Jeff Smith, director of marketing, Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division.

FNI: Why is almond flour demand at an all-time high?

Smith: Consumers are actively involved in managing their diets and are increasingly looking for nutrient dense foods to help support an overall healthy lifestyle.

Products made with Blue Diamond almond flour meet this demand with a healthier and more nutritious alternative to other processed flours.

This rides on consumers’ continued interest in a gluten-free, or gluten-restricted, diet.

In fact, the number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled since 2009, according to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic.

About 3.1 million people across the US follow a gluten-free diet and 72% of them are classified as people without celiac disease avoiding gluten.

This growing consumer interest in gluten-free cooking and paleo diets makes almond flour a high-demand ingredient.

This consumer demand curve also translates to almond flour as an ingredient, with commercial applications in a wide variety of bakery items, bars, snack products and as a coating. This includes gluten-free products, especially in the bakery and snack category.

With Blue Diamond almond flour, food manufacturers can easily transition from traditional flour in recipes without compromising taste or texture.

FNI: How versatile is the use of almond flour for food manufacturers?

Smith: Blue Diamond almond flour offers versatility to a wide array of applications—from cakes and crusts, to breading and sauces.

Examples include the following:

• Bakery applications such as cakes, breads and muffins,

• Almond flour in crackers helps them stay crispy longer,

• Coatings applications for fish and chicken, and

• Thickening agent for sauces and soups.

In fact, our almond flour cookbook highlights the versatility and ease of incorporating almond flour into a diverse range of recipes.

From savory Chicken Marsala, to soft and delicious Carrot Cake Cookies, our almond flour brings some of our favorite recipes to life with a buttery taste and smooth texture.

Almond flour also adds nutrition to every dish — it is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants.

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