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Americas: Bringing Refrigeration Battery to supermarkets

Axiom Exergy is collaborating with Hillphoenix, a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and service provider in the US food retail industry on refrigeration battery.

They aim to develop and market storage-enabled refrigeration platforms.

Hillphoenix will support engineering, construction, and ongoing operations and maintenance for Axiom’s Refrigeration Battery platform.

The first installation of the Axiom Exergy energy storage solution at the Whole Foods Market in Los Altos, California can charge and discharge 1040 kWh of load for up to 10 hours a day.

The Refrigeration Battery is a thermal storage solution for supermarket chains to decrease energy costs and increase store resilience during power outages.

By leveraging the store’s existing refrigeration system, the Refrigeration Battery stores ‘cooling’ at night by freezing tanks of salt water when energy costs are low.

Then, when electricity prices peak during the afternoon, it ‘discharges’ like any other battery to provide uninterrupted cooling services.

Axiom offers Refrigeration Battery via a savings-as-a-service model and an energy service and off-balance sheet.

The technology has an estimated lifespan of 25 years.

Beyond its installation with Whole Foods Market, Axiom Exergy has an installation underway at a Walmart in San Diego, as well as a US$5 million rollout contract with Con Edison.