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Americas: Corbion releases antimicrobial for meat processors

Corbion launches a clean-label antimicrobial that rivals potassium sorbate for mold inhibition, even in applications most vulnerable to mold for the meat industry.

With consumer demand for meat snacks continuing its upward trajectory, marketers are introducing an increasing array of varieties and formats, including softer, high-moisture products.

However, those high-moisture meat snacks and pet treats are more susceptible to mold spoilage and also helps to control the Staphylococcus aureus outgrowth.

In addition, the traditional solution for dealing with that challenge – potassium sorbate – is turning off a growing number of label-conscious consumers.

The VerdadOpti Powder XM10, a clean-label antimicrobial solution that inhibits mold growth, provides pathogen protection and longer shelf life.

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