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Americas: Eaton’s filter cartridges for wine


Eaton expands its range of Beco pre- and membrane filter cartridges with Beco Protect FS FineStream pre-filter cartridge and Beco Membran PS Wine membrane filter cartridge for pre- and final filtration for full-bodied, bright and stable wines and sparkling wines.

For wine filtration, a two-stage pre-filtration system protects downstream membranes.

In the first stage, a pre-filter from the Beco Protect FS range with a retention rating (ß ratio ≥ 5000) of 1 or 2 µm is used as a particle filter.

In the second stage, a fine filter with a retention rating of 0.3 or 0.5 µm helps ensure optimal preparation of the wine for the next step, membrane filtration, by reducing the colloids, proteins and tannins that can result in premature membrane blockage.

For sterile filtration before bottling, the Beco Membran PS Wine membrane filter cartridge, which can be tested for integrity and has an absolute retention rating of 0.45 or 0.65 µm, can be used as a downstream ‘police filter’ to reduce or remove yeast and bacteria.

The pleating of the fine polypropylene fleece in the Beco Protect FS FineStream pre-filter cartridge increases the filter area in the filter cartridge while keeping the pressure difference at a low level.

The service life of the pre-filter cartridge is significantly longer than wrapped standard filter cartridges.

In addition, it also supports variable flow, as the wrapping and its drainage follows the principle of an hourglass and therefore functions in both directions.

In different process configurations, the direction of flow can be from the outside in or, especially in the filtration of very expensive products, from the inside out.

As a result product loss is reduced to a minimum when draining the housing.

The looped pleating around the inner core ensures the individual loops hold each other in place and maximize mechanical stability.

This design also helps prevent deformation of the pleating during backwashing at up to 2 bar and 80 degrees Celsius.

The Beco Eco Membran PS Wine membrane filter cartridge is optimally tailored to the requirements and long service life of final filtration.

The filter material consists of pleated polyethersulfone and, with a Log Reduction Value or LRV greater than 7 per cm², provides high microbiological retention.

The membrane’s asymmetrical pore size distribution ensures valuable components such as long-chain fatty acid esters, anthocyanins and fine colloids are preserved almost in their entirety.

The structure also helps preserve the rich and brilliant color of red wines and the particular typicity of maturing white wine.

With 0.78 m² per 10-inch element, the filter area is designed for high flow rates and long service life.

The fully welded design with additional polypropylene support fleece increases mechanical stability, withstands a differential pressure of five bar in and two bar against the direction of flow at 20 degrees Celsius, as well as more than 100 steam cycles.