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Asia Pacific: Multi-plane imager for faster checkout

Zebra Technologies Corp offers the MP7000 multi-plane one or two dimension (1D/2D) imager for grocers, discount chains and warehouse clubs to accelerate checkout lines.

The company also introduced the DataCapture DNA software suite of productivity, management, application development and visibility tools and utilities.

It works with Zebra handheld, fixed-mount and companion scanners, as well as the new MP7000 to simplify device integration, deployment and management.

The MP7000 adds to its predecessor MP6000:

• Image capture capability for cashiers to easily capture receipts, utility bills or items not on file,

• An illumination system which, on average, consumes up to 60% less power than competitive devices,

• Integrated horizontal and vertical scale platter which increases the active surface area for easy, accurate weighing of large items, and

• Fewer components, no moving parts and an upper housing that can be removed without tools for easy servicing and upgrades.

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