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Europe: Taiyo exhibits extracts for beverages at show

Taiyo presents Sunphenon tea extracts made from green tea leaves at drinktec 2017.

They are available in powder form and dissolve completely in water, which are applicable to instant beverages.

The water-soluble extracts serve as functional ingredients in beauty, energy, wellness and sports drinks.

Taiyo will also present the Sunphenon instant tea range containing varieties made from green tea leaves, rosehip fruits and leaves from the mulberry tree or the Pu-erh or Qingmao tea bush.

Available in natural and flavored options, they are also highly soluble in cold water for making iced tea.

Lastly, the Sunfiber is a blend of extracts of tea and beans with a caging effect that reduces the bitterness of tea, softening it for the German palate and making it more drinkable.

At the same time, the bean extract acts as a dietary fiber with beneficial effects for digestive and intestinal health.

The company will also present ‘alternative’ energy drinks based on matcha and green tea with coenzyme Q10.

The show will be held in Munich, Germany in September 2017.

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