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Asia Pacific: Yili ranked top as Asian dairy champion by Rabobank


China’s Yili Group defended its position as the top dairy enterprise in Asia in Rabobank’s Global Dairy Rankings.

The company was ranked in the top eight globally, holding its place in the World Top 10 for the fourth consecutive time.

In the past years, Yili has topped in the field of globally authoritative selections in multiple dimensions such as brand influence and consumer trust.

In the rankings, Yili defended its eighth place with operating revenues of US$9 billion.

Meanwhile, the top seven enterprises were all Western dairy giants.

During the Summer Davos Forum, Pan Gang, the Chairman of Yili, proposed the concept of ‘Healthiness for the Whole World’, noting that healthy food enterprises should fulfill this dream by practicing as market subjects and of responsibility.

He summarized such corporate practice through four keywords: quality based, innovation to support, sharing globally and co-responsibility.

Meanwhile, the company will partner with the World Economic Forum to improve the healthiness status of the world and benefit all mankind.

It was also the only Chinese dairy enterprise in the EU-China-Safe Project 2020 launched in June 2017.

The company has conducted prospective studies on global food safety and risk prevention and control in association with over 30 other professional institutions.