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Americas: Crown company releases pre-portioned ground coffee in a can

La Colombe Coffee Roasters and Crown Beverage Packaging North America release the MiniVault, a pre-portioned single-use can that delivers café quality ground coffee to consumers in a vessel that is both convenient for at-home use and extends the shelf life up to five times.

“The Vault allows us to bring the best coffee to our home, all while removing the guesswork around measuring, grinding and freshness,” said Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder of La Colombe.

The MiniVault combines Crown’s 150 ml slim style beverage can with a custom 360 End and is filled with La Colombe’s premium Corsica coffee.

The end is fully removable, enabling users to easily pour the ground coffee into a filter or device for brewing.

Each can contains 1.3 ounces of coffee under pressure to lock in freshness and to eliminate the guesswork of measurement and the need for additional tools.

The 360 End also features a grind guard, or a thin plate of flexible aluminum, which acts as a food-safe protector and prevents coffee grounds from spilling upon removal of the end.

In addition, like all beverage cans, the MiniVault is 100% and infinitely recyclable, protects the coffee from exposure to elements such as light and air and adds a premium look and feel to the brand.

The MiniVault cans are wrapped in shrink sleeves, which list simple directions for brewing the optimal pot of coffee.

The cans are sold in eight-count boxes with an open window for consumers to preview the product inside.

The MiniVault will be available for sale in select La Colombe retail locations in the US and online.