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Europe: Baker Perkins releases bread dough mixers

Baker Perkins releases the Tweedy 8 and Tweedy 20 bread dough mixers with maximum batch capacities of 8 kg and 20 kg respectively.

They are intended for use by high-output bakeries for development work on new products; ingredient suppliers working on new formulations to improve high-speed mixing; and research organizations studying high speed mixing and other aspects of the bread making process.

Applications in artisan scale bakeries, bagel, pastry and other bakery sectors are also anticipated.

The viewing port in the lid allows users to monitor the progress of the mix cycle as process parameters can be repeatedly changed to analyze and assess results.

The batch size may be reduced by up to 50% without affecting the process.

The mixers also have variable speed control and pressure-vacuum mixing for enhanced texture control.

This allows exact replication of the process of production scale systems, enabling new product developments to be successfully scaled up to full production.

Both machines are compact with an integrated control panel and mounted on wheels for portability.

Control is by a human machine interface with full process visualization, and there is network connectivity for data capture.

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