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Europe: GEA upgrades software for refrigeration valves

GEA AWP enhances its ValveCalc design program for the selection and sizing of valves for refrigeration facilities.

By entering their operating conditions, users of the GEA AWP ValveCalc software follow a step-by-step guide to choose the right size of valve, or have the system calculate a whole network section with several different fittings and design the system.

The complimentary Version 6.0 takes into account the latest standards in industrial refrigeration including those for calculating safety valves EN 13136:2013.

With this, the pressure loss calculations of the supply and discharge lines of the safety valves are now based on the actual discharge volume instead of the required volume.

The maximum allowable pressure of the safety valves is automatically calculated and displayed.

The extensive database of refrigerant data was also expanded, particularly for the superheated refrigerant range.