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Europe: Amcor releases metal-free packaging for coffee


Amcor releases AmLite to increase sustainability while preserving the sensory experience of packaging coffee beans.

The customizable solution is based on a metal-free coating with AmLite offering a barrier comparable to metallized materials and ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) laminates; and AmLite Ultra with a coating for aroma protection.

AmLite Ultra matches the barrier performance of aluminum and has a lower carbon footprint, producing up to 40% less greenhouse gases during the coating process.

Typical packaging formats include soft and vacuum packs, flow packs, pouches, stick packs and, more recently, single-serve capsules liddings.

Compared to using aluminum, AmLite Ultra can “provide an oxygen barrier up to 10 times better after 50 flexes”, says Eliana Atramiz, platform industrialization engineer at Amcor Flexibles EMEA.

“Compared with aluminum, the production of AmLite consumes less resources and produces fewer emissions.”

“This also means we can cut Green Dot fees for customers by up to 21%.”