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Americas: Shimadzu releases gas chromatograph

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the Nexis GC-2030 gas chromatograph (GC), allowing the user to remotely connect to the GC via PC or the operator’s mobile device.

This allows the operator to monitor run status or launch a new batch of analyses from a remote location.

Other features include tool-free column installation and inlet maintenance and the built-in oven light.

The GC-2030 allows for up to three analytical lines for greater productivity or for the versatility of more analyses to be packaged into one GC.

There is a choice of four inlets, six detectors, and specialized valve accessories for laboratories in areas such as petrochemical, environmental, food and pharmaceuticals.

Its ‘Eco mode’ optimizes the use of carrier gas such as helium and reduce electricity use when idle.

The Nexis GC-2030 also includes day and time programming, a system self-check feature, and automatic notification of when to replace consumables.

Hydrogen can be a safe and highly effective carrier gas.

It maintains its separation efficiency across linear velocities, substituting helium and speeding up an analysis.

The GC-2030 has an optional, built-in sensor to monitor real time levels of hydrogen in the oven.

The GC will respond to elevated levels by shutting down the hydrogen flow maintaining a safe working environment.

Its LabSolutions workstation software fully integrates liquid chromatography and GC functionality, including a data browser for comparing multiple sets of data simultaneously, and a Quick-Batch Function for creating injection sequences.