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Asia Pacific: Barry Callebaut celebrates 20 years in Singapore


Barry Callebaut celebrates 20 years of its operations in Singapore, having produced more than 360 million kilograms of chocolate.

Even though most of the chocolate produced in its factory in Senoko are exported to countries in Asia Pacific, including Australia and Japan, chocolate remains a big and growing business in Singapore.

According to Euromonitor, the chocolate confectionery business in Singapore is estimated at S$169 million in 2016 and this is expected to increase to S$219 million in 2021.

The country is one of Asia’s top consumer of chocolate products where an average person in Singapore consumes 1 kg of chocolate per capita per year.

That is equivalent to eating about 22 milk chocolate bars in a year.

For comparison, Japan’s annual per capita chocolate consumption is 1.2 kg and Australia is at 5.7 kg).

Barry Callebaut opened its Singapore’s Senoko factory in 1997.

It acquired Van Houten in 2000 and divestment to Van Houten Singapore consumer business to Hershey in 2009.

By 2013, Barry Callebaut has sold all its other chocolate consumer business worldwide.

Barry Callebaut can found inside 25% of all consumer products around the world containing cocoa or chocolate.