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Europe: Innovia launches high speed BOPP film


Innovia Films introduces its high speed biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, Propafilm REF, a coextruded material with a wide sealing range, when compared to standard coextruded films.

At typical laboratory conditions, it was tested to have more than 30°C lower heat seal threshold (the minimum temperature required to achieve acceptable seal strength of 200g/25mm) compared to basic films.

The film also provides an enhanced hot tack performance over standard films.

This means that the seals, when pulled still hot, resist opening on a larger range of temperatures.

These two properties enable Propafilm REF to be ideally suited to horizontal-form-fill wrapping applications.

Innovia tested the film with SPS Italiana Pack systems (PFM Group).

“We ran Propafilm REF on our Modulo machine and we can confirm that speeds of 80m/min were achieved, a substantial 30 m/min improvement.

“At these speeds, the film was still passing our stringent micro-hole acceptance level of 200 mbar/20 sec. pillow bag configuration),” says Roberto Spatolisano, project manager from SPS.

“With its higher COF in the inner surface of the film, product movement within the pack can be reduced during the feeding stages, protecting seal damage and allowing good pack integrity to be maintained,” says Amaia Cowan, market development manager, Innovia Films.

“Strong seals are achieved every time.”

The film also provides excellent clarity for visual impact and good moisture barrier for product protection for applications such as biscuits and bakery, confectionery, dried foods, tea and cosmetics.