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Americas: Protein-fortified chocolate candies sparks sign of change, report


In light of evolving wellness agendas and shifting consumer attitudes towards personal health, considering the wellbeing impact of their products is essential to target sensory-seeking yet health-conscious consumers, says GlobalData.

This shift in consumer sentiment has led to many confectionery brands frantically re-formulating in response to this need.

In particular, the global war on sugar presents a significant challenge for confectionery manufacturers.

GlobalData’s 2016 consumer research shows 40% of consumers globally are concerned about sugar-related health issues such as diabetes, with this figure increasing to 46% among consumers in Asia Pacific.

One way brands are approaching this is through exploring functionality and ingredients from categories outside of confectionery.

“Confectionery brands are seeking to improve the health perceptions of their products by taking inspiration from trends in other categories,” says global innovation insights director, Tom Vierhile.

“One such approach is the production of protein-fortified chocolate candies which can bridge the gap between sports and mainstream brands, by taking advantage of the interest in sport nutrition and protein.”

Another unique approach which is emerging includes harnessing functionality from the personal care sector.

Confectionery products can make unique delivery systems for brands that can improve health, and brands are taking advantage of this in innovation.

One example is Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints that can help to repair damage done by tooth decay.