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Europe: Agr features solutions for bottles at show


Agr International releases at drinktec 2017 the Process Pilot with CrystalView automated blowmolder management system for beverage producers that self-manufacture polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

The Process Pilot product group offers precise material thickness distribution management on PET bottles, while offering hands-off blowmolder control.

It offers producers the ability to aggressively light weight bottles to the absolute minimum while providing the confidence that material is distributed appropriately, with proper thickness in all critical areas, on every bottle produced.

Meanwhile, the Agr PPT3000 offers a versatile solution for measuring volume expansion and pressure performance of containers manufactured from PET.

Unlike other pressure testers, The PPT3000 simulates the rapid rise pressure profile that a container experiences during the filling cycle, providing valuable data that can be used to prevent filling line downtime due to premature pressure breaks.

The newest SPT2 is an automated glass bottle testing system that performs precision volume measurement as well as pressure testing up to 1,000 psi.

Configurations are available for automated laboratory applications or along the production line as part of an automated sampling station.