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Asia Pacific: Tomra buys bottle crusher company


Tomra Collection Solutions has acquired 60% of the shares in BottleCycler, an Australian-based company manufacturing machines that crush glass bottles for restaurants and bars. BottleCycler focuses on making reuse and recycling easier for the hospitality sector.

BottleCycler was founded in 2002 to make it faster, cleaner and safer for the hospitality industry to recycle beverage containers through on-site glass crushing.

The compact BottleCycler crusher is positioned behind the service area in hospitality venues for the easy disposal of wine, beer and soda bottles.

Crushing the glass inside the unit ensures greater storage capacity, less manual handling and heavy lifting, and lower likelihood of personal injury.

It is reportedly the safest and quietest glass-crushing machine in the market.

The company offers a full-service glass management solution spanning the crusher machinery, glass collection, maintenance, servicing and recycling.

Approximately 85% of the glass crushed through BottleCycler can be used to make new bottles. BottleCycler provides around 900 machines to hospitality venues in Australia and several overseas markets.

BottleCycler has a turnover of approximately AUD3 million (US$2.24 million) and is headquartered in Melbourne, with eight employees.

It will be part of Tomra’s Asia-Pacific operations.