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Americas: Crown Holdings opens greenfield beverage can factory


Crown Holdings Inc. opens its beverage can manufacturing plant in Nichols, New York.

This marks the industry’s first greenfield facility in the US in more than 20 years, will support the country’s growing demand for specialty beverage cans.

Specialty cans, defined as sizes other than the standard diameter for 12-ounce beverages, have become a popular format for a variety of categories including soft drinks, beer, ready-to-drink teas, coffee, sparkling waters, wine and spirits, juices and other functional beverages.

Situated in the Tioga County Industrial Park in the Town of Nichols, the facility produces two-piece aluminum cans in a range of sizes and is set to create more than 160 new jobs by 2018.

Crown’s presence in New York also provides the potential for further development in the Southern Tier Region, where efforts to grow the advanced manufacturing sector are underway.

Construction on the 533,853 square foot building began in December 2015 and commercial shipments began in late January 2017.

The plant’s second manufacturing line was completed in April 2017.

Crown currently operates 15 beverage can plants in North America, manufacturing aluminum cans ranging in size from 7.5-ounce to 16-ounce, as well as a variety of beverage can ends.

Today, Crown operates 146 facilities in 36 countries and has a diversified metal packaging technology portfolio that serves the beverage, food, personal care, household and luxury markets.