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Europe: Dupont releases weight management ingredient


DuPont Nutrition & Health (DuPont) has launched the Howaru Shape, a probiotic formula clinically proven to reduce waist circumference in overweight adults.

In a clinical study, the ingredient containing 10 billion colony forming units Bifidobacterium lactis B420 reduced waist circumference by up to one inch.

When taken in combination with 12g Litesse Ultra™ prebiotic fiber, Howaru Shape reduced body fat mass and trunk fat.

The study was conducted with 225 healthy volunteers (healthy, BMI 28–34.9) who were randomized into four groups (1:1:1:1), using a computer-generated sequence, for six months of double-blind, parallel treatment.

Probiotic strain B420 has been demonstrated in-vitro to increase epithelial integrity, a key function of the digestive tract.

Litesse Ultra prebiotic fiber has been shown in clinical studies to reduce energy intake, increase satiety and decrease after-meal feelings of hunger.