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Europe: Study finds what consumers look for on fish packages

Consumers state ‘date of catch’ of fish on packaging is important, with 66% of the 540 respondents described this as ‘extremely important’ or ‘important’ when purchasing fresh fish.

The household survey conducted by TÜV SÜD in January 2017, Germany, finds nutritional information was given as the next most important item, and is a priority for 55% of respondents.

Information on ethical or social considerations and more precise details of the production method or technique fall into the middle ground.

Consumers are less interested in details of the fishing method, the flag state of the vessel or the name of the port where the catch was landed.

Salmon, pollack, redfish, cod, trout and carp are the most popular types of fish in Germany.

At present, declaration of the date of catch – or, in the case of fish from aquaculture operations, the date of harvest – and of nutritional information on the fish or fish product is voluntary for manufacturers, so that packaging does not always include these details.

However, shoppers associate these items of information with freshness and health – two criteria that serve as key drivers for consumers when purchasing fish, and indeed all other foods as well.

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