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Americas: Arca Continental to invest in region


Arca Continental plans to invest 10 billion of Mexican pesos (US$0.52 billion), an increase of 43% compared to 2016, primarily to strengthen its operations and market execution in the countries it serves.

Of this amount, approximately 40% will be allocated towards Mexico, 25% to its US business unit recently integrated on April 1st, 25% to South America and 10% to complementary businesses, mainly towards the acquisition of coolers, production lines, transportation equipment and information technology, among others.

“The integration of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages’ territories into Arca Continental, gives us access to a market of more than 30 million additional consumers,” said CEO Francisco Garza Egloff.

“This transaction will allow us to increase our total revenues by an estimated 47% and EBITDA by 30%, on a proforma annualized basis for 2017”

“It represents an additional 400 million of unit cases and sales of approximately USD$ 2.4 billion.”