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Asia Pacific: tna releases small footprint, fast case packer


tna launches the tna ropac 5, a case packer for flexible bags that can pack up to 300 bags per minute.

Part of tna’s performance 5.0 packaging system, the new system packs small to medium, pillow-style snack bags into secondary containers twice faster than the industry’s average case packing speeds.

Contrary to the majority of case packers that employ vacuum pick and drop technology, the tna ropac uses a semi-rotary bag stacking motion.

Using continuously revolving horizontal platforms that can accommodate multiple rows of bags, tna’s proprietary system can quickly and efficiently form, lower and side-load vertical stacks of bags into a secondary container such as a box.

The semi-rotary bag stacking system also avoids bags being gripped and dropped by vacuum heads, ensuring that each bag is handled with the utmost care, minimizing the risk of product breakage and missed bags.

The system has semi-automatic, tool-less changeovers that take less than 10 minutes to complete.

With a width of only 1220 mm, tna ropac 5 could fit in line of the vertical form/fill/seal system.

It even allows for the installation of two case packers in twin configuration.

The 2120 mm tall machine allows a case erector to be erected on a mezzanine floor level above the case packer.