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Europe: Masuer technology for circular economy

Mauser Group presented its new skINliner barrier technology during a recent customer event in Heidelberg, Germany.

The technology combines the advanced barrier performance of multilayer plastic film technology, e.g. against hydrocarbons and/or oxygen, with the logistical and lifecycle benefits of rigid packaging.

The new modular packaging design provides best-in-class reuse and recyclability.

“To date, the integration of flexible liner solutions into rigid industrial packaging and their separation after use has been quite cumbersome,” explains Dr. Detlev Weyrauch, head of innovation and processing.

“Especially when used in combination with Rigid Composite IBC [intermediate bulk container; RCIBC], liner geometries do not always fit well into the rigid inner receptacle.”

“Based on a newly developed welding technology we created a ‘perfect fit’ geometry.”

When, for example, placed in a RCIBC, the Mauser skINliner is applied like an inner skin to the IBC’s inner receptacle.

It is semi-permanently fixed to the inside of the rigid bottle and therefore no longer subject to any intensive mechanical stress during filling, handling and emptying of RIBCs.

The same applies to other packaging types like plastic drums.

The barrier technology has gained full UN-approval for dangerous goods and enables MAUSER to expand its comprehensive IBC product offering.

The new MAUSER skINliner allows customizing advanced features like barrier functionality or light protection within standard industrial packaging in the most effective way.

Positioned inside of the container and closest to the filling, it protects the contained material and prevents the migration of substances to the container wall.

Easily to be removed and separated from the IBC bottle, it enables mono-fractional recycling of non-contaminated polyethylene IBC bottle material.