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Americas: Reusable packaging awards open for applications


The 6th annual Reusable Packaging Association Excellence in Reusable Packaging award is open for applications.

The award recognizes primary (end) user companies and organizations that have developed and implemented measurable and innovative reusable transport packaging solutions in their supply chain.

The application form is available online.

Submissions are due by June 15, 2017.

Two awards will be given in 2017: one to for-profit companies and another to non-profit or governmental organizations.

“We are seeing a lot of reusable packaging solutions being deployed in both the public and private sectors,” said Tim Debus, president.

“By recognizing and sharing these initiatives, we hope to spur even more reusable transport packaging innovation across all types of industries and organizations.”

The awards will be given to primary users of reusable packaging transport systems.

Primary users do not have to be a member of the RPA to enter.

Submissions will be reviewed and winners selected by an independent panel of judges, based on the quantifiable environmental and economic benefits of the reusable transport packaging system.

Winners will be notified in August and should be available to attend Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas September 25-27, 2017 to receive the award and to present their winning submission.