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Europe: Gebo Cermex exhibits smart machines at show

Sidel’s Gebo Cermex is exhibiting at interpack 2017 with a focus on smart equipment for beverage and food, home and personal care (FHPC) customers based on its Agility 4.0 program.

The company says a ‘smart machine’ is so much more than a piece of machinery.

It has the latest motion technology, robotics and cobotics, auto adjustment and auto feeding, as well as being a connected machine.

The company’s ‘smart packing machine’ at the show from May 4-10 at Düsseldorf, Germany.

For example, Gebo Cermex will launch CareSelect, its patented universal and modular shaped-bottle infeed and collating system for robotic or traditional case packers.

Utilizing Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK technology and capable of achieving speeds of up to 400 products per minute depending on package size, shape and weight, the CareSelect system surpasses traditional ‘endless screw’ collation systems in terms of bottle integrity and protection.

It delivers shaped bottles to the packing machine, turning each bottle 90°.

Unstable shaped products are smoothly and individually handled via independent movers.

To eliminate contact between products, flow is managed without accumulation at the infeed and shorter ‘friction time’ between the bottle and the system – when the bottles come into contact with machine parts compared to an endless screw infeed system.

CareSelect offers fully automatic changeovers in less than one minute, without mechanical adjustments.

Additionally, adaptation of movers and product guides is carried out automatically, without involving any manual intervention.

Unlike the previous screw infeed which required the manipulation of heavy parts, CareSelect needs no tools or parts to implement the changes.

As a result, storage space for cranes and other kinds of equipment is also saved.

Automatic magazine loading

Also on display is FlexiLoad, a robotic solution for magazine loading, suitable for any case packing system regardless of type and speed.

This eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual corrugated board magazine feeding and the potential for operators’ musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

It enables a fenceless unit as it embeds the world’s strongest collaborative robot, the Fanuc CR35 with a 35 kg payload.