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Europe: Belgium approves marketing of Indian spice blend


The Belgian government has approved Arjuna Natural Extracts to market its proprietary Herbagut brand of herbal blend in the country.

This notification is applied in conjunction with the name of Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., but can be used by Arjuna’s customers as a reference.

A selection of traditional Indian herbal ingredients is extracted and formulated according to an ancient Indian recipe and applied to a reliable, traceable, clean-label formulation.

The blend consists of 14 herbal extracts, all approved as non-Novel Food by the European Commission, and accepted for use in food supplements.

Key botanical ingredients in the formulation are curcumin, ginger, and pepper, along with other Ayurvedic ingredients.

These medicinal herbs help allow for the use of several claims, such as for digestive health.

Herbagut is marketed in Europe for 10 years and it has been used for gut health and general well-being for decades.

The company opened an office in Brussels, Belgium in 2016 last year.

Herbagut is safe to use in food supplements and can offer a range of health benefits including: improving gut microflora, mitigating constipation, relieving heartburn, and other digestive health issues.

A clinical study with Herbagut shows that it helps regular and easy bowel movement, significantly reduces straining during bowel evacuation and improves overall bowel health and well being.