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Asia Pacific: Ingredion launches dietary fibers


Ingredion launches a line of low cost-in-use dietary fibers for manufactures wanting to easily add fiber to foods.

The Novelose dietary fiber series are designed for fiber fortification and calorie reduction in baked goods, pastas, noodles and extruded products with little to no impact on product texture, flavor and color.

The dietary fibers are versatile, process stable, insoluble type 4 resistant starch ingredients that can deliver fiber and help reduce calories and carbohydrates in low moisture applications such as breads, crackers, cookies, pastas, noodles and extruded products.

Manufacturers can use product claims like ‘good source of fiber’, ‘excellent source of fiber’ and ‘reduced calories’.

Due to the products’ low water holding capacity, the modified food starches have little to no impact on product processing.

The dietary fibers are a minimum total dietary fiber of 85% on a dry solids basis as measured by AOAC 985.29.

There are tapioca-, wheat-, and potato-based options within the portfolio to offer suitable product functionalities.