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Europe: UK consumers drink more added value milk, says Arla


Added value milk products by Arla Foods UK has successfully added £95 million (US$119.56 million) in value to the category in 2016, with 1.5 million shoppers trading up from standard fresh milk to an Arla branded product offering additional benefits, according to market research company Nielsen.

In the total milk category, five million consumers traded up to added value milk options in 2016.

In 2015, the category declined £148 million but £23 million in 2016 with improvement on pricing and retailers supporting new and existing add-value milk, finds Nielsen.

The change has been most noticeable with Arla’s portfolio – without it, the overall category would have declined £118 million in 2016.

The £95 million is the value of all the sales of the company’s value-added milk in 2016, excluding the value sales figure if they were sold at the price of standard fresh.

Arla branded milk grew 12% in 2016 with successful launches of the award-winning Arla B.O.B3, Arla Farmers Milk, Arla Organic Farm Milk and Arla Cravendale 250 ml.

In addition, the company has worked closely with its retailer customers to provide greater choice for consumers, with products such as ASDA Vitamin D Milk and launched in 2015, Morrisons Milk for Farmers.