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Europe: GEA exhibits compressors for natural refrigerants


GEA presented compressors for natural refrigerants refrigeration and cooling solutions at EuroShop in Duesseldorf, Germany from March 5 to 9, 2017.

The six-cylinder compressor for hydrocarbons: GEA Bock HG56e HC

New on the market is the GEA Bock HG56e HC series for the use of hydrocarbons.

This series replaces the previous four-cylinder series HG5 and a part of the HG6 compressors.

The new six-cylinder compressors offer higher efficiency and a quieter operation compared to their predecessors.

It also offers the following advantages:

– New designed housing with optimized gas flow;

– Improved valve plate system;

– Durable engine for demanding applications with hydrocarbons;

– The latest generation of electric motors;

– Standard mounting positions; and

– Most extensive performance coverage in the industry.

The three sizes of the GEA HG56e series covers the range from 73.8 m³/h to 100.4 m³/h displacement (at 50 Hz).