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Europe: Millennials find fruit juice healthy, report

Millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe view 100% fruit juice as a healthy beverage, according to the findings of a consumer survey conducted by Concord grape juice supplier Welch’s Global Ingredients Group.

Researchers asked 300 French and German fruit juice drinkers aged 18-35 a range of questions in a bid to learn more about their attitudes towards the juices they buy.

When asked to rank a selection of popular beverages in order of how healthy they considered them to be, the respondents listed sparkling water, 100% fruit juice and milk as the healthiest choices.

The results show that, among Millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe, the reputation of 100% juice as a healthy beverage remains largely untarnished despite the bad press that the fruit juice sector has received in recent years.

Health is a key priority

The survey, conducted online by Surveygoo, revealed that health is a key priority for European Millennial fruit juice drinkers.

Some 73% of respondents saying it is important to them that a fruit juice delivers a health benefit. The three most interesting benefits to European Millennial fruit juice drinkers are energy, mind health and heart health.

However, taste and quality are also particularly important to these consumers.

Some 84% of respondents stated they would be more likely to buy a superfruit juice if they knew the superfruit from which it was made tasted good.

Meanwhile, 85% of the respondents said they drink 100% juice, and 72% said they consider ‘100% juice’ to be an indicator of high quality.

Overall, the three most important things Millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe are looking for from their fruit juices are good taste (83%), nutrition and health (58%) and real food ingredients (41%).

The survey found that 80% of respondents would be more likely to buy a fruit juice that highlights that it is made with real fruit.

“European Millennials who drink fruit juice are motivated to buy fruit juices that taste good,” says Wayne Lutomski, VP International & Welch’s Global Ingredients Group.

“The challenge, therefore, is for juice companies to create nutritious juices – superfruit juices for example – that deliver an enjoyable drinking experience.”

“There are not many superfruit juices that can deliver on this, although Concord grape juice is one superfruit juice that brings great taste and science-backed health benefits, all at a reasonable price.”

“Interestingly, our survey also found that two thirds of respondents would be more likely to buy a fruit juice made with Concord grapes, once they had been informed of the benefits they offer.”

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