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Asia Pacific: Sidel designs bottles for Yili’s yogurt drinks


Months of close collaboration between the Sidel packaging team and China’s Yili Liquid Milk Division has seen the creation of a polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottle for the company’s new Changyi brand.

The Sidel team had put together an initial design proposal within two weeks of contact from Yili.

“Our packaging experts delivered a wide selection of creative proposals, producing various conceptual bottles based on different design directions, to give the client several alternatives to differentiate its yogurt brand from the competition,” said Steven Xie, packaging design and development manager at Sidel.

Yili’s marketing department undertook analysis on the various designs and returned with a shortlist of four preferred choices.

Collaborative work continued as Sidel made small adjustments to the different designs that were being consumer-tested.

These elements included the shape of the bottle’s base, as the customer was searching for longer shelf-life and improved rigidity to avoid deformation during transportation, without compromising on distinctive design.

Within three months, the bottle design was completely finalized and new molds were manufactured for the two Yili production lines dedicated to the new yogurt range.

The company began selling bottles of the new Changyi yogurt drinks in the first quarter of 2016.