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Americas: Ona launches protein bars with probiotics


Ona launches its Functional Fuel Plant Protein Bars with Probiotics at Natural Products Expo West this month in California, US.

The line will feature Chocolate, Almond Coconut, and Ancient Energy varieties.

Each 1.8 oz bar is grain-free, has at least 10 g of plant protein and one billion colony forming units of CFU of GanedenBC30 probiotics.

Ona currently caters to the healthy treat space with their organic, non-GMO honey bars and cookies.

Creating a functional fuel line is thus a natural succession.

“Everybody is looking for a healthy protein bar these days,” says founder Chris Feuille.

“We want to respond to that need with a natural, performance-driven option that’s filled with powerful ingredients.”

“Our bars offer more than just high protein and clean energy, but also promote healthy digestion, stress reduction, muscle recovery, and even relaxation. ‘Functional fuel’ is an understatement.”

Each bar in Ona’s Functional Fuel line contains a blend of sunflower and pumpkin protein, as well as a variety of nuts and seeds protein and healthy fat.

Ancient Energy also has adaptogens reishi and ashwagandha (which are said to help reduce stress and promote muscle recovery), maca (a source of clean energy), and L-Theanine (a relaxant to balance the energizing effects of the maca).

And finally, each bar contains 1 billion CFU of GanedenBC30 probiotics, the recommended amount to support digestive and immune health, while enhancing protein utilization.

After the launch, the bars will be available on Amazon and at the company’s website in April 2017.