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Europe: Cargill releases texturizing solution for gum


Cargill introduces C*Clearset 35426 as a texturizing solution for European confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency while reducing drying time by up to 50% for gelatin-free winegum applications.

It is a blend of specialty starches for gelatin-free sugar confectionery applications with functionality.

It offers a softer texture with flavor release, optimal transparency and facilitates up to 50% reduction in drying time compared to a single starch base.

This allows the possibilities to design nutritious, convenient and tasty foods to satisfy consumers.

“When it comes to taste perception, texture is key”, says Laura Goodbrand, EMEA starch product manager for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers.

“In Europe, gummy and jelly product launches with a texture-related claim have doubled in the past five years.”

“Not only are we seeing a change in consumer preference for softer and more transparent sweets, but we expect a rise in demand for gelatin-free products (Innova Market Insights, 2017).”

“The appeal for vegan products is expanding across all categories beyond those who avoid animal products for ethical reasons.”

“To cater to the need of this growing consumer base, gelatin use in gummies and jellies is being progressively phased out, with ‘gelatin-free’ increasingly highlighted on product packaging.”

Offering up to 50% reduction in drying time without the need for additional capex investment, C*Clearset 35426 enables increased output with a higher top-line growth.

“During research, specific specialty starch products were identified as containing properties that would enhance confectionery applications,” says Jan Delobel, senior confectionery application specialist.

“Extensive application testing in our pilot process facility provided a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by our customers and enabled C*Clearset® 35426 starch to be tailored, in partnership, to their process flow.”