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Europe: RPC companies design dispenser with 7 sauces


A co-creation involving RPC Promens and RPC Superfos has resulted to a dispenser, named Penguin, which dispenses seven varieties of foodservice sauces for French company Lesieur.

The project was led and coordinated by research and development at RPC Promens that produce the blow molded top, with RPC Superfos manufacturing the injection molded base.

Each dispenser contains about five liters and the improved modernized pack performs significantly better than the one it replaces.

Its extra emptying power was achieved through a special design at the inner lower part of the dispenser.

“Today our customers – fast food restaurants, canteens etc. – buy the usual amount of sauce at the usual price, but through the new dispenser they actually get up to 16% more of our product thanks to its improved emptying,” says Virginie Recoura, senior engineer, Packaging Research and Innovation, at Lesieur.

“This means costs savings for our customers and, on a general note, significantly less food waste.”

The unit’s ergonomic design provides a feel-good factor for end users pushing the pump, as the shape of the bottom also makes it comfortable for busy catering staff to put a hand underneath it when carrying it around.

Hassle-free working procedures for replacing empty dispensers with filled ones are another clear benefit.

According to a market survey, the dispenser is already tremendously popular among Lesieur customers: “Our analysis shows a strikingly positive feedback,” says Recoura.

“More than 95% of the respondents say that it is likely or probable that they will replace their existing sauce dispenser with our new one.”

The also ensures the right amount of sauce per serving, which is in line with French legislation on better nutrition to fight obesity.