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Europe: Academy adds two modules to labeling course


The Label Academy has launched two online training modules and supporting books – die-cutting and tooling, as well as brand protection, security labeling and packaging to the existing seven others.

The courses are geared towards the learning needs of those working in the label and package printing industry.

The die-cutting and tooling module gives a comprehensive guide to the manufacture and use of cutting, embossing and foiling dies, anvils and cylinders.

It summarizes the complex and vital role they play and explores the sophisticated technology it uses to enable the production of quality die-cut and converted labels and their application to multiple surfaces, using a wide variety of substrates, on many different presses.

Meanwhile, the brand protection, security labeling and packaging module and associated publication tackle a broad range of subjects including anti-counterfeiting, theft and tampering.

With hundreds of effective solutions explained, it also outlines the latest hi-tech methods, such as radio frequency identification, taggants, electronic article surveillance techniques and holograms.

There is also guidance on developing brand protection and security labeling systems and procedures for those involved in producing or using labels or packaging of all kinds.

Supported by related text books, the self-study modules also give students access to further content including free related articles and videos and conclude with an optional certified assessment.