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Asia Pacific: Flexco shows bakery processing solutions in Japan


Flexco will showcase the FGP Food Grade Precleaner with the dual durometer blade and Novitool Aero Pres at MOBAC Show2017 in Osaka, Japan from February 22 to 25.

Making its first appearance in the Japanese market during MOBAC 2017, the FGP Food Grade Precleaner will demonstrate how carryback can be reduced to prevent bacteria growth and the mistracking of conveyor belts along processing lines commonly used for sticky or granular bakery ingredients.

Its dual durometer blade has a metal detectable tip – in compliance with requirements for metal detectable plastics in food processing facilities for additional protection – for use in wet applications where a softer blade tip is advantageous. Such applications include uneven or soft cover belts.

It is also designed to meet strict sanitary guidelines that are FDA approved and USDA certified for use with meat, poultry, and dairy operations.

The machine, which is installed on two running conveyors with belt from 100 mm to 1500 mm, allows for quick assembly and disassembly in under a minute to drive greater manufacturing efficiencies for maintenance and sanitization procedures.

“The efficacy of a precleaner lies in its tension, and as with the FGP Precleaner, the spring tensioner can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal blade-to-belt contact, which is crucial to preserving belt life,” said Beth Miller, director of marketing – light duty.

“For instance, when dealing with sugar frostings in the manufacturing of baked goods, its abrasive quality may cause the belt to wear-out prematurely if not properly removed.”

Meanwhile, the Novitool Aero Splice Press has the Aero Recipe Management Tool for producing consistent, high-quality endless splices at ease.

This newly added intuitive programing capability allows recipes to be entered manually or imported via USB flash drive, and stored in groups on the Aero Press by belt manufacturer, customer, and other categories for easy organization.

Unlike traditional water-cooled units, the Aero Press comes with a cooling system that requires no additional components, eliminating risks of bacteria harboring in water containers.

As an alternative to metallic belt fasteners, Flexco will exhibit the Alligator Spiral Lace Fastener System, which is non-metalic splice for applications with metal detectors and x-ray equipment.

Its non-marking and non-scratching splices is ideal for applications of delicate product that is easily scratched like baked goods.

Constructed of two fastened belt ends joined by a hinge pin can, Alligator Spiral Lace is easy to disassemble and can save hours of downtime with each cleaning for belts requiring frequent removal, such as regular sanitation for sticky food residue.