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Americas: Sirane opens Mexican plant

Sirane’s new manufacturing facility and offices in Mexico are now up and running – with manufacturing having begun in January 2017.

In addition, absorbent fruit pad production has begun at the site in Guadalajara after months of planning, using machines shipped from the UK to Mexico.

And while the initial focus will be on the soft-fruit market, Sirane North America has longer-term plans to actively develop other markets, including other food packaging areas, medical and healthcare.

It will initially focus on absorbent fruit pads – and the region’s berries and soft-fruit market.

In the long term, the company plans to develop a market for all of its food packaging range, particularly absorbent pads and cooking bags, as well as medical and healthcare products.

Mexico’s soft-fruit industry is reportedly one of the largest in the world.

Its temperature, height above sea-level and rainfall make growing conditions ideal.

Vast quantities of fruit including strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are exported to Europe, North America and even the Far East – making packaging vitally important.

Sirane offers a range of absorbent pads for fruit, including standard absorbency, absorbent ‘cushioned’ Soft-Hold bubble pads, and Dri-Fresh ABV anti-microbial pads, which contain a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids that naturally enhance the fruit’s protective defenses.

The products will be manufactured at the new 1,500 sqm unit in Guadalajara.

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