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Europe: Avery Dennison releases sustainability labels

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has created a new portfolio for customers to choose products that can help to make a positive environmental impact.

“The ClearIntent range provides the sustainability credentials companies seek,” says Xander van der Vlies, director of sustainability.

“The available materials cover a wide range of applications, so ClearIntent gives converters more ways to say ‘yes’ to sustainability.”

“The materials that help converters ‘pick responsibly’ have to meet at least one of three main sustainability standards to qualify for the new portfolio,” adds Luuk Zonneveld, product manager of sustainability.

The first is responsible sourcing, where it has been verified by third party companies that a significant amount of the product’s content comes from sustainably sourced materials.

The second is reduction of material – a product must offer comparable or superior performance to a conventional alternative, while using less material.

The third criterion focuses on recycling, requiring a label material to be recyclable itself, to be made of recycled content, or to enable or improve the recyclability of the container or packaging the label is on.

“We have more than 1,100 Forest Stewardship Council-certified label constructions offered at price and performance parity,” says Zonneveld.

“Our Bio-based PE film is made from a plant-based feedstock which avoids the use of scarce petroleum resources and prevents pollution caused by fossil fuel extraction.”

“Recycling-friendly options include facestocks made from 100% recycled paper, which offer improved GreenPrint performance vs similar paper facestocks made from virgin fibers.”