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Asia Pacific: Fonterra company debuts protein ingredient


NZMP, Fonterra’s dairy ingredients business, releases a protein ingredient that delivers at least 10% more protein than other standard whey protein offerings.

Designed for use in sports drinks and energy bars, the new protein ingredient is faster acting, as well as being lower in fat, sugar and carbohydrates than other similar protein products.

Fonterra lead technologist, Neil Fraser, says some protein ingredients have traditionally been formulated from cheese whey whereas, in what is believed to be a world first, NZMP has used lactic casein whey to make the protein ingredient.

“People are taking more interest in their diet and health, which means as the awareness of the benefits of protein goes more mainstream, sports nutrition is no longer just for exercise fanatics,” says Fraser.

The launch of the NZMP SureProtein ingredient has reportedly been quickly followed by orders from one of the biggest producers of sports nutrition drinks in the US.

In Japan, trials of the new product are resulting in customers looking to the innovative ingredient to provide them with the protein punch and competitive edge they are seeking in their fast growing sports nutrition market.