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Europe: Consumers want the real thing, report


Authenticity is a standout consumer value in 2017, heralded by changemakers, celebrities, supermarkets and chefs, according to Euromonitor International.

In the conscious debate about what actually counts as authentic, companies make the effort to ensure authenticity is part of this reach for the real.

Examples vary from Airbnb’s Guidebooks feature, which lets owners share local information, to food apps helping consumers know more about what they’re buying, and tour operators who promote their unplugged vacations to help consumers get away from ‘synthetic’ digital life.

“Consumers are now more demanding of products, services and brands than ever before and are using digital tools to articulate and fulfil their needs,” says consumer trends editor Daphne Kasriel-Alexander.

“They want authenticity in what they buy and expect elements of personalization in mass produced as well as upscale items.”

Healthy living is becoming a status symbol, as more consumers opt to flaunt their passion for wellness through paying for boutique fitness sessions, ‘athleisure’ clothing, food with health-giving properties and upscale health and wellness holidays.

“The consumer interest in staying well sees them combining well-being activities with cathartic physical activity,” says Kasriel-Alexander.

“This is reflected in a thriving menu of more esoteric, boutique fitness workout choices in urban hubs and spas.”

“Furthermore consumers are aware that eating habits directly influence quality of life.”

“This is fueling unprecedented demand for healthier eating options with fitness-promoting attributes sought in supplements, beauty products and even pet food by consumers willing to pay for them.”