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Europe: ISM 2017 to showcase vegetarian, vegan products

The trend towards vegetarian and vegan products is unabated.

In Germany, 7.8 million people are vegetarians and around one million people are vegan, according to the German Vegetarian Association (VEBU).

And according to the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), 2% of the population in Belgium is vegetarian, 3% in Austria, 5% in Switzerland five, 4% in the US and 20%-40% in India.

The fact that on top of this many flexitarians are interested in vegetarian and vegan food and beverages, has contributed towards both food trends making a lasting impression on the retail trade and the food service sector.

Vegetarian and vegan products have also successfully established themselves in the sweets and snacks segment over the past years, says ISM 2017 organizer Koelnmesse.

The show will be held from January 29 to February 1, 2017 with 290 exhibitors presenting vegetarian products at the trade fair.

With the growing offer the range of products is also expanding.

Chocolate, filled chocolates, wrapped sweets, fruit gums, even chewing-gum are in the meantime available as vegetarian or vegan versions, as well as biscuits, snack bars and other snack items.

Some suppliers have been producing vegetarian fruit gum ranges for a while already; among others animal-based gelatin is dispensed with here.

Vegetarian versions of chocolate products have also been long since introduced and the same applies for biscuits.

In the case of vegan products the objective is not just to replace the animal-based ingredients with alternatives, but indeed all animal substances and resources that are used in the production and packing processes.

A product can only be called ‘vegan’ if all animal-based substances are completely omitted.

A clean label is indispensable for the reliable information of the consumer.