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Americas: Butler Automatic adds reclosable functionality to machine


Butler Automatic says its film splicers such as the SP1 Automatic Splicer can make pre-applied zipper film easy to incorporate into existing packaging lines.

As a result, these splicers greatly increase profitability and reduce lead time for reclosable packaging.

Its automatic splicers are engineered with a small footprint, and are custom built to fit on the front end of virtually any flexible film packaging line.

Reclosable packaging is in a period of rapid growth, as many manufacturers realize the added value reclosable features offer consumers.

Many methods of adding reclosable features to an existing flexible packaging line require large capital investments.

However, pre-applied zipper film can be an ideal tool for companies looking to make the shift to reclosable packaging without significant up-front costs or extensive lead time.

Rolls of pre-applied zipper film are less dense than traditional film roll stock, leading to fewer impressions per roll and therefore less time between roll changes.

Automatic splicing eliminates the downtime of these additional roll changes, dramatically improving the profitability of packaging with pre-applied zipper film.

With a simple mechanical design and high-quality manufacture, the SP1 senses the diameter of the expiring roll of film and automatically splices the end of each expiring roll onto the new roll.