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Middle East: Corbion exhibits polymer additives in Dubai


Corbion will exhibit its Pationic polymer additives at Arabplast 2017, from January 8-10 in Dubai.

Pationic glycerol esters improve the processability of expandable polystyrene beads and are suited to low density expanded polystyrene or EPS products, due to the consistent distribution and very small size of the additive particles.

If left untreated, expandable polystyrene beads can acquire static charges, leading to flowability problems and in-homogeneous mold filling.

Acting as anti-static agent, Pationic 909 reduces agglomeration of expandable polystyrene beads, so that the screening process into various bead sizes is not hampered.

It also contributes to uniform mold filling.

The polymer additives can act as processing aids, saving time throughout the foaming process.

For example, Pationic 909 and Pationic 919 help to facilitate cooling, making it quicker and easier to release the final block of expandable polystyrene from the mold.

Products in Corbion’s Pationic portfolio are used as antistats, lubricants, acid/catalyst neutralizers, dispersants, mold release agents, processing aids and anti-fog agents and improve the processability of polymers in the polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and engineering thermoplastics industries.