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Americas: PureCircle introduces stevia ingredient for beverages


PureCircle’s Sigma-Beverage is its latest breakthrough stevia ingredient for beverage formulations and delivers unmatched taste results when compared to other stevia ingredients on the market.

Sigma-Beverage performs similarly to sugar at deep calorie reductions so formulators can create beverage solutions consumers will love while reducing development time by 30-50%.

Designed as the perfect stevia sweetener for beverage formulations, Sigma-Beverage has a crucial upfront sweetness needed for most beverage applications and provides a reduction in linger when formulating low-to-zero calorie solutions.

“Beverages have provided a challenge for formulators because of the high sweetness max,” said senior director of global technical innovation John Marti.

“To achieve that high level of sweetness with stevia can often result in linger and a strong, sweetness aftertaste.”

“However, by selecting the steviol glycosides that provide a very clean, sugar-like taste with a reduced linger, we have been able formulate a stevia ingredient that really works well for the challenges of beverage applications.”

Sigma-Beverage joins PureCircle’s Sigma-Tea and Sigma-Dairy, all of which are outperforming first generation Reb A solutions on taste and have been developed through the company’s predictive modeling technology.