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Europe: Tate & Lyle celebrates 40th anniversary of sucralose


Tate & Lyle celebrates its 40th anniversary of the discovery of sucralose in 1976.

It is also 16 years since its sucralose production facility in McIntosh, Alabama, US, the world’s first commercial-scale sucralose production facility, began production in December 2000.

“Since its discovery 40 years ago, the amount of Splenda Sucralose produced by Tate & Lyle has been enough to replace over 19 million tonnes of sugar in the human diet,” said Joan Braca, president, speciality food ingredients.

“That is the equivalent of removing 77 trillion calories from consumers’ diets globally.”

Splenda Sucralose, the ingredient brand name for Tate & Lyle’s sucralose, is a no-calorie, high quality sweetener which is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar.

Through its combination of a great sugar-like taste and process and shelf stability, the sweetener has created new opportunities for food manufacturers by increasing the variety, and improving the taste, of many healthy lifestyle foods.

It has been particularly successful in products such as ice cream, sports drinks, beverages, confectionery and pharmaceutical products.

The tabletop product, Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, also allowed consumers, for the first time, to cook and bake with sucralose in the home, changing the world of sugar replacement with a real great tasting alternative to sugar.