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Europe: RPC company releases coating for HDPE containers

RPC Promens Industrial releases a coating for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers for a long term barrier solution for solvent-based products for the safer handling of chemicals.

RPC Protect is available for containers from 5 L up to 25 L, as a 30 L container is under development.

The barrier additive, which is a blend of polyolefins and inorganic silicates, forms multiple strips on the inside of the container.

Unlike other plastic barrier solutions, used containers can be recycled if appropriate.

The availability of RPC Protect enables plastic containers to be selected for more products – including extremely hazardous items that previously could only be packed in metal – offering lightweight, easy handling and stacking benefits.

The containers have undergone drop, pressure and stacking tests, and their barrier properties have been proven to maintain their performance for up to a year with no reduction in the effectiveness of the barrier.

RPC Protect can be specified across most RPC Promens’ range of HDPE containers, giving customers the flexibility to create family ranges with both mono and barrier versions, as well as the option for customized shapes.

The containers are US Food and Drug Administration and European Economic Community EEC approved for food use, and United Nations-certified versions are also available.