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Europe: Qimarox unveils stretch-hood machine for palletizing


Qimarox has added a standard stretch hood machine to its range of material handling components.
This machine does not have power-hungry technologies such as pneumatics and hydraulics.

Like the previously introduced ring wrapper, this packaging machine can also be integrated with the palletizing module of Qimarox in a complete final packaging system.

The Qimarox Highrunner mk7 is a modular, serially produced palletizing module that can stack final packages of various shapes and sizes on pallets, enabling the availability of complete systems for both palletizing and packaging of pallets.

The result is a pallet with load that is secured, stabilized, waterproof and dustproof.

The stretch hood machine has four tensioning arms that can stretch a stretch wrap taut and pull it over the loaded pallet.

When the tensioning arms release the stretch hood, the boxes, bags or other products on the pallet can no longer move due to the elasticity of the film.

As the four tensioning arms can move horizontally in two directions, the stretch wrapper can wrap any size of pallet.

Qimarox supplies the stretch hood machine to specialized and trained system partners without a control system.

These system partners can combine the control system of the machine with that of the other end-of-line packaging system components.