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Europe: Key’s new potato strip sorters

Key Technology introduces Veryx digital sorters for potato strips and specialty potato products.

The unit has a mechanical architecture, an all-sided surface inspection, multi-sensor Pixel Fusion, the highest resolution cameras and laser sensors on a digital sorter, ejection system with an ease of use.

Ideal for wet and frozen French fries and specialty potato products, the sorters maximize foreign material (FM) and defect removal to enhance product quality while virtually eliminating false rejects to ensure maximum yield.

With a customizable modular platform, each system has the ideal sensors, sensor positions, lighting, separation/ejection system, product handling and software for each customer application.

If change is needed in the future, the sorter can easily be upgraded in the field with more sensors or different sensor types.

Compared to on-belt sorters in which belt sanitation issues can interfere with sensor detection, Veryx in-air inspection ensures inspection consistency, while sustaining all-sided surface inspection with no blind spots.

For sorting frozen potato products prior to packaging, Key’s Pixel Fusion detection module provides the highest level of contrast and clear separation between good product, defects and FM.

Pixel Fusion synchronizes and combines channel input from multiple camera and laser sensors at the pixel level.

The resulting digital information allows Veryx to reliably sort even difficult-to-detect defects and FM such as glass, metal, rubber, paperboard, foam and plastics of different colors.

Configurable in four widths, the sorters satisfy a wide range of capacity requirements, including extremely high throughputs on the 2.1-meter wide belt model, the highest capacity digital sorter on the market.

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