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Americas: Barry Callebaut pumps US$20M in US facility


The Barry Callebaut Group invests US$20 million in its American Canyon factory in California, US after completing a first wave in March 2016.

The new expansion initiative is in direct response to the increased customer demand for chocolate and compound products on the West Coast.

This second wave of expansion will result in another significant increase in plant capacity by adding liquid chocolate and compound production capacity, tank capacity and increased molding infrastructure.

The American Canyon operations include milk, dark and white chocolate and compound products.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-year 2017 and will also create additional jobs at the facility.

The investment is part of the Group’s annual capital expenditure of approximately US$200 million.

The American Canyon factory, which was opened in 2005, serves a variety of food manufacturers and confectionery companies with operations based in the western regions of the US, Canada and Mexico.