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Europe: Polaris releases stable algal oil

French marine lipid experts Polaris introduces a stable European algal oil that is pure, natural, sustainable and vegetarian.

Produced in Europe, the Omegavie DHA algae Qualitysilver 5 is made from sustainable sources of microalgae.

While algal oils rich in DHA Omega-3 are highly sensitive to oxidation, Omegavie benefits from Polaris’ Qualitysilver process, making it ultra-stable.

This patented technology, specially designed for algal DHA, guards against oxidation, and combats the degradation of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Internal tests have shown that the oil five is five times more stable than standard algal oil, thereby preserving its nutritional, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel qualities and optimizing shelf life.

The ingredient is ideal for use in both the dietary supplement and food markets.

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